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MX Series DC Supplies - Individual or linked On/Off Control

on-off buttons

Individual On/Off buttons

Each output has its own On/Off button enabling outputs to be switched independently as required

The key is illuminated when On for maximum clarity.

sequenced on display

Simultaneous or sequenced On/Off

A unique capability of the MX Series is synchronous on/off switching and programmable on/off sequencing.

Many circuits can be damaged if one voltage rail is present without the other, or if voltage rails are not applied in the correct order.

In addition to the individual output on/off buttons of the MX, there are further buttons for Multi-On and Multi-Off.

By default these turn all three outputs on or off simultaneously, but they can also be set to operate any combination of outputs in a user defined sequence with delays between 10ms and 20s.

The Multi-On button is slightly recessed to reduce the possibility of it being pressed accidentally.


Series 2 units (with colour display and S2 suffix on the model number) have the ability to configure multiple outputs to trip together when one channel encounters an over voltage (OVP) or over current (OCP) condition.