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MX Series DC Supplies - Safety and Protection Features

Over voltage protection display

OVP and OCP Trips

Variable trips for over-voltage (OVP) and over-current (OCP) are provided on each output.

Unlike a limit setting, the trip setting turns the output off and provides a different level of protection.

For example, when repetitively testing a unit which normally takes a peak current of 4A, the current limit could be set to 5A and the OCP to 4.1A to ensure that a faulty unit will trip the supply off and not be damaged by over dissipation.

On Series 2 units (with colour display and an S2 in the model number) multiple outputs can be configured to trip simultaneously when one channel encounters a trip condition ("Triplink")

Front panel lockout screen

Front panel lock-out

lock button An illuminated front panel key locks out the front panel to guard against accidental operation or mis-setting.

For even greater security, as might be desirable when the power supply is incorporated into a fixed system, the front panel can be locked using an optional pass code chosen by the user.

Safety terminals

Safety binding-post terminals

MX series power supplies are fitted with the latest Aim-TTi designed safety output terminals which are touch proof to 300 volts.

These can accept a 4mm safety plug with rigid insulating sleeve, a requirement specified by an increasing number of laboratories for safety reasons.

However, unlike the 4mm safety sockets used on some other products, these terminals can also accept fork connectors or bare wires, giving maximum connection flexibility.