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MX Series DC Supplies - Voltage Tracking and Settings Stores

voltage tracking display

Isolated voltage tracking

By default all the outputs are fully independent as well as fully isolated.

V-Track enables identical voltages to be set on two or more outputs from a single voltage control. Tracking modes vary by model. Please see the datasheet for details.

The outputs remain isolated so they can be used to create tracking rails or used for series/parallel wiring when higher voltages or currents are required.

Memory stores display
Linked memory stores display

Stores for up to 250 settings

Non-volatile stores are incorporated for rapid recall of voltage and current settings (along with Range, OVP and OCP).

Store contents are shown on dedicated screens enabling modifications to be made with ease.

Each output has its own set of 50 stores. An additional set of 50 linked stores is provided that contain values for all outputs to be recalled simultaneously.