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MX Series DC Supplies Overview

MX Series

Graphic LCD with soft key control

Details and examples of the various display and menu screens.

Safe and Rapid Control

Set voltages and currents by direct numeric entry or by continuous rotary control.

Precision Features

Setting resolution, high accuracy metering and remote sensing.

Individual or Linked On/Off Control

Explanation of Multi-On/Multi-Off function with simultaneous or time-sequenced output switching.

Voltage Tracking Capabilities

Voltage tracking can be set up for two or even three outputs simplifying control for specific applications.

Settings Stores

Settings Stores are provided for both individual outputs and multiple outputs together.

Safety and Protection Features

OVP and OCP Trips, Front Panel Lock-out, and Safety Binding-post Terminals.

Compact Case Style and Smart Cooling

Compact dimensions for bench-top or rack mounting, Front input cooling with intelligent fan control.

Remote Control and Rear Terminals (P versions)

USB, RS232, LAN and optional GPIB interfaces plus duplicate rear terminals.