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PLH-P Series DC Power Supplies: Technical Specifications

Higher Voltages without lower performance

  • High performance linear regulated power supplies
  • Full digital remote control and readback
  • RS-232, USB and LAN (Ethernet)
  • LAN Interface conforms with LXI standard
  • Optional GPIB interface
  • Interfaces are opto-isolated from outputs
  • IVI Driver supplied
  • Isolated Analogue remote control of V and I
  • Analogue outputs for easy master-slave parallel wiring
  • Ultra-compact size of quarter-rack 3U
  • High power density - up to 94 watts per output


Manual control features as per PLH Series Specifications

PLH120-P 0 to 120V at 0 to 750mA
PLH250-P0 to 250V at 0 to 375mA

Full remote control and read-back using RS-232, USB or LAN (LXI-C). All interfaces are at ground potential and opto-isolated from the outputs. Note: Remote/Local Sense is manually selectable only.
RS-232Standard 9-pin D connector. Baud rate 19,200 max
USBStandard USB hardware connection. Operates as a virtual COM port
Ethernet (LAN)Standard 10/100 base-T hardware connection. ICMP and TCP/IP Protocol for connection to Local Area Network or direct connection to a single PC
GPIB (only with Option G)The interface conforms with IEEE-488.1 and IEEE-488.2
LXI ComplianceLAN interface is compliant with LXI-C. (LXI is the abbreviation for LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation)
Digital Programming Performance
Voltage Setting Resolution10mV
Voltage Setting Accuracy0.05% +50mV
Current Setting Resolution0.1mA (0.01mA on 75mA range)
Current Setting Accuracy ± (0.3% +0.1mA); ± (0.3% +0.01mA) on 75mA range
Programming Speed
Command DelayTypically <80ms (this must be added to any of the figures below)
Voltage Up TimeTypically <45ms* to 1%
Voltage Down TimeTypically <20ms* to 1% (full load); typically <150ms* to 1% (no load)
* The up and down times vary with model, current range and voltage step size. More information is contained in the operating manual.

Isolated analogue voltage control of voltage and current. Analogue control outputs are also provided to enable easy parallel connection of multiple units in a master-slave configuration.
Set Voltage Input0V to 10V sets 0 to 100% of rated output (e.g. 0 to 120V for PLH120-P). Alternative scaling of 0V to 5V (selectable using internal link)
Set Current Input0V to 10V sets 0 to 100% of rated output (e.g. 0 to 750mA for PLH120-P). Alternative scaling of 0V to 5V (selectable using internal link)
Reference Point for control outputscontrol output voltage are referenced to the positive output terminal
Voltage Output0 to 100% of rated output voltage generates 0V to 5V
Current Output0 to 100% of rated output current generates 0V to 5V
Set Voltage Input± (0.3% +100mV); Input Impedance = 10kOhm
Set Current Input± (0.5% +0.5mA); Input Impedance = 10k Ohm
Voltage Output± (0.3% +100mV); Output Impedance = 125 Ohm
Current Output± (0.5% +0.5mA); ± (0.5% +0.5mA) on 500mA range; Output Impedance = 125 Ohm
Remote Analogue On/Off Control
Non-isolated terminal which sets the output to Off when pulled low by gate signal or relay closure. Signal is reference to the positive output terminal
Rear Terminals
Power connections are duplicated on the rear panel using a screw-less connector block.
Digital Bus Interfaces
NOTE: The above specifications are additional to the Manual Control specifications

AC Input230V AC or 115V AC ± 10%, 50/60Hz. Installation Category II
Input Power280VA max
Temperature & Environmental
Operating Range+5°C to +40°C, 20% to 80% RH
Storage Range-40°C to + 70°C
EnvironmentalIndoor use at altitudes up to 2000m, Pollution Degree 2
CoolingIntelligent variable-speed low noise fan assists convection
Safety & EMC
SafetyComplies with EN61010-1
EMCComplies with EN61326
Size107mm x 131mm (1/4 rack 3U) x 315mm (sizes exclude feet, knobs and terminals)
Weight4.55kg (10lb)

IVI DriverAn IVI driver for Windows is supplied. This provides support for common applications such as LabView*, LabWindows*, HPVEE* etc.
USB DriverAn installation file is supplied which calls a standard Windows* USB driver.
* LabView and LabWindows are trademarks of National Instruments.
HPVEE (now Agilent VEE) is a trademark of Agilent Technologies. * USB interface is supported for Windows 98-SE, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 8 (including 64bit versions). Windows is a trademark of Microsoft.

Rack Mount(RM450) 19 inch 4U rack mount suitable for up to four single power supplies, two dual power supplies, or any mixture. Blanking plates are provided for unused positions. The 4U height provides limited ventilation space above and below the power supplies.
Option GAdds a GPIB (IEEE-488) interface.
This is in addition to the RS-232, USB and LAN interfaces of the standard PLH-P product.