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PLH-P Series DC Power Supplies: Analogue Remote Control

analogue remote control
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Isolated Analogue Remote Control of Voltage and Current, and Remote On/Off

PLH-P units include isolated analogue voltage control of voltage and current using a 0V to 5V or 0V to 10V signal. Analogue control outputs are also incorporated to enable easy parallel connection of multiple units in a master-slave configuration.

Remote On/Off

A terminal for remote on/off control is also provided. This can be operated using a TTL/CMOS control signal, or using a relay.

Parallel Connection

Single output units can be connected together in a parallel configuration by connecting Vout and Iout on the Master unit to CV and CC on the Slave units. Thus, for example, four PLH250-P power supplies could be parallel connected to provide currents up to 1.5 amps at 250V.