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PLH Series DC Power Supplies: Rack Mounting

RM450 Rack Mount
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Note that the illustration shows PL series units rather than PLH series units. PLH and PL Series power supplies are identical in size and can be freely mixed in a rack.

Designed for Rack Mounting

The quarter-rack modular design of the PLH and PLH-P series makes them ideally suited to rack mounting. Up to four single output units can be fitted into one rack width. Alternatively, any combination of singles and duals can be used - as in the example shown.

Rear Power Terminals (PLH-P)

Power output terminals are duplicated on the rear panel of the PLH-P Series for rack mount applications, or other situations where rear connection is more appropriate.

RM450 Rack Mount

The RM450 rack mount can accommodate up to four single output units, two dual output units (New PL Series), or a combination (as shown). Blanking plates are provided for unused positions. The RM450 is 4U high and incorporates limited ventilation space above and below the power supplies.