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PLH Series DC Power Supplies: V-Span

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V-Span - "smart" analogue control

Choose a voltage range that suits your task

When working with any particular piece of equipment, engineers often require a voltage source variable over only a narrow range.

Set the voltage too high and damage might occur, set it too low and the circuit may reset.

That's where the V-Span function of the PLH series comes in. It allows the user to redefine the end-stop values of the voltage control to create a specific voltage range.

For example:

An engineer is working on a circuit that will eventually operate from a peak rectified 110V rms ±5% supply.

They use V-Span to set a Vmax of 164 volts (to prevent over-voltage damage) and a Vmin of 147 volts (to ensure that the circuit doesn't reset).

They now have a power supply which provides high-resolution analogue control over the exact voltage range they need.

Vmin and Vmax can be set anywhere between zero and maximum output voltage subject only to Vmax > (Vmin + 1V). The fine control gives additional adjustment of 1%. Once set, the voltage span function can be turned on or off at the press of a button.