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PLH Series DC Power Supplies: Aim-TTi safety binding-post terminals

Safety binding-post terminals

Safety terminals from the PL series
In common with most TTi laboratory power supplies, the PLH Series features a special terminal design in order to make them fully "touch proof" at 250 volts.

Why was a new design needed?

The terminals used on the majority of laboratory power supplies are in the form of binding posts (Fig. 1) that can accept 4mm open plugs into the front, and bare wires or spade terminals into the body. However, concern over personal safety has caused an increasing number of organizations to prohibit the use of bare ended connections within a laboratory environment. Instead, they stipulate that all connections must be made using shrouded 4mm plugs which are incompatible with normal 4mm binding post terminals.

Until now, the only solution for these organizations has been to purchase power supplies fitted with 4mm safety sockets similar to those used on digital multimeters (Fig. 2). These power supplies are restricted to use with 4mm plugs only, and have no facility for accepting bare wires or spade terminals.

The Aim-TTi Solution

Aim-TTi wanted to offer a product that was fully compatible with the requirements of organizations who require that all connections are made with shrouded plugs, whilst retaining the flexibility accept all forms of bare ended connections.The new terminal design (Fig. 3) does exactly that, and is exclusive to Aim-TTi power supplies.

standard terminals
Fig 1: Standard terminal/binding-post
Safety socket terminals
Fig 2: Safety socket terminal
TTi Safety terminals
Fig 3: TTi safety terminal/binding-post

new terminals
▲ The new terminals are compatible with any type of connection from bare wires through to shrouded 4mm safety plugs
new terminals 2 ◄ The limited opening distance of the terminal ensures that the clearances are sufficient to make the exposed metal parts "touch proof" when voltages in excess of "extra low voltage" are being used.