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PLH Series DC Power Supplies: Technical Specifications


See alsoPLH-P Remote Control specifications

PLH1200 to 120V at 0 to 750mA
PLH2500 to 250V at 0 to 375mA

Voltage/Current Levels
PLH120 0 to 120V / 0.01mA to 750mA (90W max.)
PLH2500 to 250V / 0.01mA to 375mA (94W max.)
Note: Actual maxima for voltage and current are typically 1% greater than the figures given above except for the voltage control on the PLH250 which is limited to 250.0V.
Output Setting & Control
Voltage SettingBy coarse and fine controls
Current SettingBy single logarithmic control
Low Current RangeReduces max. current to 75mA and increases resolution to 0.01mA
Output ModeConstant voltage or constant current with automatic cross-over. CC indicator lit in constant current mode
Output SwitchElectronic, non isolating. Preset voltage and current limit displayed when Output is off
Output rise time(no load) <20ms.
View SettingsWith the output On, the meters show actual voltage and current. The preset levels can be viewed and adjusted at any time by pressing the View Settings button
V-Span (Voltage Span Control)The voltage adjustment range can be controlled by digital setting of the end-stop values of the coarse voltage control to any desired values. The range for Vmax is 1V to 120V or 250V depending on model. The range for Vmin is 0 to (Vmax – 1V).
S-Lock (Settings Lock)Voltage and current settings can be locked by a single button press. Lock accuracy is equal to the meter accuracy (see Meter Specification).
Output Performance
Ripple & NoiseNormal mode voltage: <2mV rms and 10mV p-p
Normal mode current<10µA rms ; <1µA rms on 75mA range
Common mode current<20µA rms
Load RegulationVoltage - <0·01% + 10mV
Current - typically 0·01% + 50μA
Line RegulationVoltage <0·01% + 10mV for 10% line change
Current <0·01% + 50μA. for 10% line change
Transient Response <250μs to within 50mV of setting for a 90% load change
Temp. CoefficientVoltage: typically <(50ppm + 2mV)/°C
Current: typically <(100ppm + 0.1mA)/°C; <(100ppm + 0.01mA)/°C on 75mA range.
Output Protection
Output ProtectionOutput will withstand forward voltages of up to rated output voltage. Reverse protection by diode clamp for currents to 3A
OVP and OCP TripsVoltage or current measured to be in excess of 105% of the rated maximum will cause the output to trip off
Over-temperatureOutput trips off for over-temperature
Safety InterlocksOperations that could cause an unexpected change in voltage or current settings are interlocked with the output switch
Output Connections
Output TerminalsUniversal 4mm safety binding posts on 19mm (0·75”) spacing. Terminals can accept fixed shroud 4mm plugs, standard 4mm plugs, fork terminals and bare wires
Remote Sense
Sense SelectionVoltage sensing is selected as Local or Remote by front panel switch
Sense TerminalsSprung loaded screw-less terminals

Display TypeDual 4-digit meters, 10mm (0.39”) LED
Meter DampingNormally 20ms, switchable to 2 sec for averaging rapidly varying loads
Voltage Meter
Accuracy± (0·1% of reading + 100mV)
Current Meter
Resolution0.1mA (0·01mA on 75mA range)
Accuracy± (0·3% + 0.3mA); ± (0·3% + 0·03mA) on 75mA range

AC Input230V AC or 115V AC ± 10%, 50/60Hz. Installation Category II
Input Power280VA max
Temperature & Environmental
Operating Range+5°C to +40°C, 20% to 80% RH
Storage Range-40°C to + 70°C
EnvironmentalIndoor use at altitudes up to 2000m, Pollution Degree 2
CoolingIntelligent variable-speed low noise fan assists convection
Safety & EMC
SafetyComplies with EN61010-1
EMCComplies with EN61326

sizes exclude feet, knobs and terminals
PLH models107mm x 131mm (¼ rack 3U) x 288mm
PLH-P models107mm x 131mm (¼ rack 3U) x 315mm
PLH models4·9kg
PLH-P models5.0kg

Rack Mount(RM450) 19 inch 4U rack mount suitable for up to four PLH series power supplies. Alternatively they can be mixed with the lower voltage New PL series in a single rack with up to four single power supplies, two dual power supplies, or any mixture. Blanking plates are provided for unused positions. The 4U height provides limited ventilation space above and below the power supplies.