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USB Driver for FTDI based products V2.12.36.4

Zip file containing USB virtual COM port drivers for multiple AIM-TTi devices using the FTDI USB chip.  Windows 7* to Windows 11.

V2.12.36.4 fixes some Windows compatibility issues that would result in  “Code 39 Bad Image” being displayed in the Windows Device Manager.

To use, unzip the files into a new directory on your computer. The Windows installer must be pointed to this directory when the device is plugged in. These drivers need to be configured in your application to set up the virtual COM port rates appropriate to the connected hardware. For all devices this is 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, but the baud rate varies.

  • HA1600: 115200 baud
  • QL Series 1 Power Supplies: 19200 baud (QL Series II uses a different driver)
  • TF930 and TF960 Frequency Counters: 115200 baud
  • TG2000 Function Generator: baud rate set to match that selected in the hardware

Separate instructions are in the installation notes linked to below.

*See the installation notes for Windows 7 compatibility

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