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TG2000 Series

DDS Function Generator, Digital Control 10MHz or 20MHz, with/without USB/RS232 Interfaces

  • 0.001Hz to 10MHz/20MHz frequency range
  • 6 digits or 1mHz resolution
  • 1ppm stability and 10ppm one year accuracy
  • Low distortion, high spectral purity sine waves
  • Internal phase continuous sweep, lin or log
  • AM, FSK, gated and tone switching modes
  • 5mV to 20V pk-pk from 50 or 600 Ohms
  • Storage for multiple instrument set-ups
  • USB and RS232 Interfaces (TG2000 only)

The TG1000 (10MHz Model) was discontinued in June 2022.

Datasheet - (PDF / English)

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Aim-TTi TG2000 Function Generator


DDS Function Generator, Digital Control 20MHz Generator, USB & RS232 Interfaces
813,00 €
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2U Rack Mount for plastic cased bench instruments
95,00 €