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Characterizing Transistors and FETs using two SMU4000 Source Measure Units

This document describes a method for characterizing transistors and Field Effect Transistors using two Aim-TTi SMU4000 Series instruments, accessories and software. The characterization of three leaded components (such as a FETs) requires two SMU output channels; one to stimulate the gate, and the other to provide a drain to source voltage (Vds) for which current measurements can be made. The SMU4000 Series instruments provide a single output; however, a fully functioning two-channel SMU can be achieved with the addition of a second SMU connected via the DIO terminals. Control of the instruments and collecting results is made considerably easier using software control.

Language(s): English
Resource Type: Application Note
Link: Characterizing_Transistors_AppNote_82110-0120_Iss1.pdf

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