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News: SMU4000 Series Source Measure Unit

SMU4000 Series

New PowerFlex 4 quadrant Source Measure Unit

The New SMU4000 Series from Aim-TTi provides class leading performance at a new and affordable price point for a four quadrant SMU.

Integrating a fast and agile, high power four quadrant voltage / current source and advanced precise voltage and current meters in a compact half rack 2U casing, capable of precisely supplying positive and negative voltages, sourcing or sinking power, while simultaneously measuring both current and voltage for I-V characterization.

The unique Aim-TTi PowerFlex autoranging system provides a constant power characteristic so that the current capability rises as the voltage falls. The SMU4000 achieves full instrument output power across the majority of the voltage range, unlike conventional SMUs where the maximum power can only be achieved at the top of each voltage range.