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News: New Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzers

Aim-TTi PSA Series 3

PSA Series 3 RF Spectrum Analyzer: small on size, big on performance

The new Aim-TTi PSA Series 3 RF spectrum analyzers provide RF service engineers with a cost effective and highly portable tool that will make it practical to a carry a spectrum analyzer to areas that have traditionally been difficult to access with bench top instruments.

PSA Series 3 hand-held spectrum analyzerThe Series 3 retains the compact handheld format of the previous PSA models, weighing only 580g and measuring just 9.2cm wide.  The ruggedized casing incorporates rubber protection buffers and includes a bench stand that doubles as a screen protector. For bench-top use, the instrument can be operated continuously from its AC charger while, for portable use, the built in Li-Ion battery provides up to six hours continuous operation from a single charge.

Control of the PSA is provided either by soft keys on the 4.3” backlit TFT touch screen or using the hard keys, the hierarchical menu system giving rapid access to the extensive range of functions.

There are two models in the range: the PSA1303 has a frequency range of 1MHz to 1300MHz while the PSA2703 operates up to 2700MHz. Dynamic range is 84dB with a typical noise floor of -115dBm. Resolution bandwidth is selectable between 300 Hz and 10 MHz in a 1:3:10 sequence. Sweep modes include continuous, single, peak hold and sweep average and end points can be set with 1kHz resolution. A zero span mode with AM or FM audio demodulation is provided using a built-in speaker or headphone socket to aid signal identification.

Dual trace markers are incorporated with simultaneous readout of absolute amplitude and frequency plus difference values. Markers can be scrolled manually or set to automatically find or track peaks. Up to three traces can be displayed (Live, View and Reference) clearly differentiated by colour. Traces or complete screen images can be saved to file.

The PSA has a full filing system capable of storing up to 1,000 each of traces, screen images, set-ups, logging files*, limit patterns* or compensation tables* under auto incrementing names or user-defined names. USB host and device connectors allow the connection of USB Flash drives or direct connection to a PC.

U01 Software Option:

The U01 Advanced Features software option adds
  • Limit lines, patterns and comparator
  • Data logging
  • Offsets and compensation tables
  • Trigger functions
  • Custom presets
  • Live View on PC (using Test Bridge PSA View software)

The PSA Series 3 is available either in “standard” or “USC” kit form (e.g., ‘PSA2703USC’).  In both instances the instrument is supplied with a power supply/charger, spare stylus, USB lead, BNC to 3.5mm adapter (for the trigger input) and instructions.  The USC version has the U01 software option pre-installed and is also supplied with a wideband antenna and vehicle charger in a soft case.  The U01 software option can be added to the standard unit retrospectively and accessories are available separately.

The PSA Series 3 is priced from £1010 / €1212 / $1425.

*Requires option U01
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