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The I-prober 520 Current Probe - Closed Loop Current Measurements

I-prober with toroid for closed loop measurements

Closed Loop measurements

Whereas the primary purpose of the I-prober 520 is as a positional current probe, the are many circumstances where current measurements can be made in the conventional way by enclosing the conductor.

To increase its overall usefulness, the I-prober 520 is supplied with a clip-on toroid assembly which converts it into a closed magnetic circuit probe for measuring current in a wire.

The toroid is open until the probe is attached, allowing insertion of the wire without disconnection.

The wide bandwidth, dynamic range and low noise of the probe are retained but higher accuracy, repeatability and unwanted field rejection are achieved.

With the control box mode switch is set to Wire, the probe and toroid assembly are correctly calibrated for an output of 1 volt/amp.