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The I-prober 520 Current Probe System

Constituent Parts

annotated image of the I-prober system
The I-prober 520 consists of the positional current probe itself connected by 1.25 metres of cable to its control box. From there a further 0.5 metres of cable is terminated in a BNC connector for use with any normal oscilloscope.

The probe is powered through the control box by a small universal-voltage ac adaptor.

A clip on toroid assembly is also provided which converts the probe into a conventional "closed magnetic circuit" current probe for measurement of current in a wire.

The Control Box

I-prober control box
The control box provides the choice of three modes of operation along with bandwidth filters, an offset control and overload indicator.

It also incorporates the calibrator needed for measurement on PCB tracks of differing widths. The probe is inserted into the hole and is subjected to a field from a known current from where it can be adjusted.