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The I-prober 520 Current Probe System

I-prober case and contents

What's In the Box

The Aim I-prober 520 is supplied in a high quality padded and fitted carrying case which incorporates all of the necessary items including the power supply, instruction manual, and calibration chart.

The power supply is universal voltage (100V to 240V) and is supplied with inter-changeable plugs for UK, Europe, USA and Australia.

Items Supplied:

  • Current probe with fixed cable to control box.
  • Control box/calibrator with fixed output cable with BNC plug.
  • Clip-on toroid assembly.
  • Universal power supply including interchangeable plugs for UK, Europe, USA and Australia.
  • Printed Instruction Manual (multi language).
  • Laminated card showing calibration graph.
  • Fitted case as shown.