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RMA Request

To simplify the process of returning your equipment to Aim-TTi for repair, we ask that you fill in an RMA request (Return Material Authorization).  Please only do this if you know your equipment needs servicing; if in doubt, please contact us for advice. Around 1 in 5 of the units that we receive for service are not faulty.  Some are connected or configured incorrectly (e.g., current limit turned all the way down, or remote sense enabled but not connected.) Some issues can also be resolved with firmware updates that don't require the unit to be shipped back to us. If you do need to return anything to us, please fill in the fault description in English giving us as much detail as necessary to reproduce the problem.  Upon receipt of your request we will review the details supplied and reply by email, typically in one working day.  When you have been issued an RMA number, you may return the unit to us.

When returning a unit to us, please ensure that you:
  • Pack it well using the original packing materials where possible.  Damage to the unit while in transit to us is your responsibility.
  • Use a tracked shipping service from a reputable carrier.  Until it reaches us we are not responsible for it.
  • Put the RMA number clearly on the outside of the box and your contact details inside.
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