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TTi Firmware Transfer Utility

The TTi Firmware Transfer Utility is for uploading instrument firmware packages via USB or LAN to supported TTi instruments.  Initially only the following instruments are supported:

  • TGR2051 RF Signal Generator (including TGR2051-U01)
  • TGR2053 RF Signal Generator (including TGR2053-U01)
  • QPX750SP DC Power Supply only (not other QPX series)

The TGR2051 and TGR2053 units can also be programmed from the front panel USB socket. For the QPX750SP, the Firmware Transfer Utility is the only way to update the firmware.  The download is a zipped file containing the Firmware Transfer Utility which is a stand-alone Windows executable (no installation is required) and PDF instructions.  The firmware packages are available from the "Resources" section of the product pages or from the Resource Finder on the support page. These need to be unzipped and the .ttiupd file selected by the Firmware Transfer Utility for upload.

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