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TGP3100 Series Firmware Update V1.05

This zip file contains the firmware (.hex) files for version 1.05 of the firmware for  TGP3151, TGP3152, TGP3121 and TGP3122 Pulse and Universal Function Generators.  It also contains a PDF readme file with details on how to perform the upgrade.

Version 1.02 included LXI/LAN code updates to fix mDNS network dropout issues.
Version 1.03 added:

  • Bug fix "power-on latest" settings for two channel versions
  • New Feature: pulse widths of two pulses in double pulse mode can now be set independently

Version 1.04 updates the USB stack to make improvements in the USB CDC communication.
Version 1.05 fixes a firmware problem which prevented both channels of dual channel units being triggered simultaneously via remote control

The current firmware version installed in the generator is shown when the instrument is switched on.

Language(s): English
Resource Type: Firmware File

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