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QPX600DP Firmware Update V2.09

From time to time TTi makes updates to the firmware of the power supply and its digital bus interface available.  This firmware resides in Flash RAM and may be updated using the USB interface. Note that the QPX600D is not field upgradeable because it has no USB interface.

  • Version 2.0x added LXI v1.4 (core 2011) support to the LAN interface. 
  • Version 2.07 added LXI/LAN code updates to fix mDNS network dropout issues.
  • Version 2.08 is a minor change to some factory default settings (mainly LCD contrast)
  • Version 2.09 fixes LAN dropout issues and adds a LANRESET remote command to recover network communication in the event of a VPN disconnection

This firmware is applied using the Firmware update utility linked to below.

Language(s): English
Resource Type: Firmware File
Link: QPX600_ALL_209.hex

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