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QL Series II Interface firmware V2.08

V2.0x adds LXI v1.4 (core 2011) support to the LAN interface.  Note that updating from versions prior to 2.0x will cause all LAN settings to return to defaults. 

  • Version 2.04 included LXI/LAN code updates to fix mDNS network dropouts.
  • Version 2.05 fixes an issue with single channel units turning off the output when entering remote mode.
  • Version 2.06 fixes bugs with the OPALL command and network configuration settings.
  • Version 2.07 fixes intermittent LAN dropout issues and adds a LANRESET remote command to recover network communication in the event of a VPN disconnection, but caused a regression on RS232 connections
  • Version 2.08 fixes the regression on RS232 connections introduced in 2.07

This firmware is applied using the Firmware update utility linked to below.

Language(s): English
Resource Type: Firmware File
Link: TTi_nQL_IF_208.hex

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