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PSA-T Firmware version 2.06

The download is a zip file which includes a text read-me file giving instructions as to how to update the software on the PSA1301T or PSA2701T.

Important Note
Version 2 of PS Analyzer includes some significant changes from version 1.  Stored set-ups from version 1 will not operate correctly in version 2. (stored traces and screens are unaffected). Consequently, before updating, the user should read the information below to ensure that they regard the update as worthwhile.

New Features in version 2

  • Quick Menu mode – new operational mode which provides rapid single-key access to commonly used functions and allocates the 5-way navigator permanently to controlling the Markers.
  • dBµV measurements - amplitude display and measurement in dBµV as an alternative to dBm.
  • Limit Lines – facility for creating and storing multiple on-screen limit lines.
  • Detector overload indicator – on-screen indication of excess signal levels that could cause misleading readings.
  • Sweep progress indicator – on-screen indication of progress of the current sweep. Particularly useful when using sweep averaging or peak hold with slow sweeps.
  • Revised marker readout – with both markers selected, version 1.xx used a three line readout which suppressed the indication of sweep mode and attenuator setting. Version 2 uses a two line readout so that the indication of sweep mode and attenuator setting is maintained.
  • Flat battery indication – if the spectrum analyzer battery was allowed to fully discharge, version 1.xx provided no indication. Version 2.xx adds a red “battery discharged” indicator.
  • Span = Mdelta – the operation of this key has been changed so that the sweep is centred to the midpoint of the span that was defined by the two markers.

(Other minor changes and improvements have also be made).

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Resource Type: Firmware File

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