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PL303QMT-P Firmware File (V2.07)

From time to time TTi may make updates to the firmware of the digital bus interface available.  This firmware resides in Flash RAM and can be updated using the USB interface.

How to check the current firmware version
The interface firmware level is displayed very briefly when the power supply is switched on. It is the second number that is briefly displayed and is of the form IF X.XX (e.g. IF 1.01).

For full compliance with LXI 1.2, and to achieve other improvements in interface performance, earlier versions of the interface firmware should be updated accordingly.

Important Note: If updating from an earlier version, an updated version of the User Manual should also be downloaded in order that correct operation of the remote interfaces is maintained.

Important change introduced from IF 1.04 onwards
It is an LXI Compliance requirement that front panel indication is given to the user if no physical LAN connection is found by the instrument when it is switched on.

The implementation of this was introduced in IF 1.04, and is described from Issue 2 of the Instruction Manual under "Switching On and Power-On Conditions".  The latest User Manual can be downloaded in PDF format from this site.

This download is the firmware update as a Hex file for the PL303QMT-P triple output model only.  The TTi Flash Update Utility (see below) is required. 

NOTE: V2.0x adds LXI v1.4 (core 2011) support to the LAN interface and that updating from versions prior to 2.0x will cause all LAN settings to return to defaults.  Version 2.07 adds LXI/LAN code updates to fix mDNS network dropout issues.

Language(s): English
Resource Type: Firmware File
Link: TTi_QMTP_IF_207.hex

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