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CPX Series Interface firmware file V4.20

Updates to the digital bus interface firmware may be made available from time to time.  This firmware resides in flash memory and can be updated via the USB interface.  The interface firmware version is displayed briefly when the power supply is switched on.  This is the second number that is displayed and is in the form "IF X.XX" (EG, "IF 1.01").  This download is a hex file to be used with the Firmware Flash Utility (see link below). 

Version 4.0x adds LXI v1.4 (core 2011) support to the LAN interface. 

Version 4.07 and 4.08 fix a number of LAN related issues discovered since the release of 4.0x, mainly related to mDNS.

Version 4.09 was never released.  4.10 fixes the following issues:

  • GPIB address was being shown as zero at start up.
  • Commands "I1?" and "I2?" now show 1mA resolution
  • Remote setting of V2 was always 1mV less than requested.
  • GPIB "ibtrg" command would put controller into 9914 mode

Version 4.11 modifies the minimum current limit settable by remote to 0.005A.
Version 4.12 fixes intermittent LAN dropout issues and provides LANRESET remote command to recover network communication in the event of a VPN disconnection
Version 4.20 improves LAN robustness under continuous heavy traffic

This firmware is common to CPX200DP, CPX400SP and CPX400DP.

Note that updating from versions prior to 4.0x will cause all the LAN settings to return to the defaults.

Language(s): English
Resource Type: Firmware File
Link: TTi_CPX_200_400_IF_420.hex

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