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1908 firmware V1.07/1.01

Updates to the device firmware may be made available from time to time.  This firmware resides in flash memory and can be updated via the USB interface.  The main firmware version shows on screen while booting and can be checked using the *IDN? query from the remote interface. 

The 1908 uses two firmware files; one for the unit control and one for the USB interface.  This version is a complete firmware update for the 1908 with control firmware V1.07 and USB firmware V1.01. This firmware is for the 1908 only: the 1908P has a different set of firmware files linked to below.

Control firmware versions:

  • V1.02 included improvements to the Vac measurement linearity.  Please be aware that moving from V1.01 to V10.2 or later may affect the Vac measurement calibration.
  • V1.03 fixes a problem with the diode measurement mode.
  • V1.04 to 1.06 were for production / calibration functionality
  • V1.07 changes the way the internal measurement log file is handled to improve memory usage

This firmware is applied using the Firmware update utility linked to below which also includes instructions.

Language(s): English
Resource Type: Firmware File
Link: 1908_ALL_107_101.hex

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