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Cables and Connectors

Connection and interface cables. Connector Sets.

  • RS232 Serial Interface Cables
  • Connector Kit for PSA series spectrum analyzers
  • Component connection systems for LCR400 LCR bridge
  • Additional/replacement Kelvin Clip set for BS407

Product Tabs

Model Price
Aim-TTi RS232 Cable


RS232 Serial Cable for instruments without ARC interface (standard RS232)
39,00 €
Aim-TTi RS232 Cable


RS232 Serial Cables for use with 1604 multimeter using PC1604 software only
39,00 €
Aim-TTi PSA Connector Kit


Cable and Connector Kit for PSA series spectrum analyzers
82,00 €
LCR SMD tweezers


Surface Mount Tweezers (4 Terminal) for LCR400 Bridge - DISCONTINUED
263,00 €
Aim-TTi LCR BNC terminal interface module


BNC terminal interface module for LCR400 Component Bridge
136,00 €
Aim-TTi BS K-clips

BS K-Clip

Additional/Replacement Kelvin Clip Set for BS407 Micro-Ohmmeter
134,00 €
LCR Kelvin clips


Kelvin Clip Set (4 Terminal) for LCR400 - Requires LCR-BNC
151,00 €
Aim-TTi RS232 Cable


RS232 Serial Connection Cable for ARC interfaced instruments only
39,00 €
Aim-TTi SMU-Link

SMU Link

Links two SMU4000 Series together
126,00 €
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