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Legacy Products

Legacy products
These products are no longer current and may not be available or supported.  The information is retained for reference and may provide links to replacement or alternative products, documentation and downloads.

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Aim-TTi TG310 3MHz Dial-Set Analog Function Generator
DISCONTINUED: 3MHz Dial-Set Analog Function Generator
Aim-TTi TGR1040 1GHz RF Signal Generator
DISCONTINUED: 1GHz RF Signal Generator, RS232
Aim-TTi TG550 5MHz Advanced Analog Function Generator
DISCONTINUED: 5MHz Advanced Analog Function Generator, Digital Locking
Aim-TTi TGR2050 2GHz RF Signal Generator
DISCONTINUED: 2GHz RF Signal Generator, RS232 & GPIB
Aim-TTi TGF3162 (TGF3000 Series) - front
DISCONTINUED - Dual Channel Arbitrary Function Generator with 80 and 160MHz models
Aim-TTi TG1010a 10MHz DDS Function Generator
DISCONTINUED: 10MHz DDS Function Generator, digital control with Arbitrary capability
Aim-TTi TG330 Function Generator
DISCONTINUED - 3MHz Analog Function Generator with LCD readout with/without Counter, Sweep and AM