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News: New quad power supply


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New quad channel power supply

The new 4 channel variant of the MX Series is now shipping

The MX100Q is the latest release from Aim-TTi to the expanding MX series of Multi-mode Multi-output DC supplies. The MX100Q uses mixed mode regulation to provide up to 420W of power, split across up to four outputs. This series differs from most other multi-output power supplies in offering full capabilities on all outputs. When higher power is required, up to two outputs can be disabled to provide twice the power from one or two outputs - up to 210 watts.

All outputs are completely independent and isolated, however, it is possible to configure the power supply so that the voltage on an output automatically tracks the voltage on another output. Because the outputs are isolated, tracking can be used to set equal voltage of the same polarity or opposite polarities. It can be particularly useful when outputs have been wired in parallel or series where control can be made by adjusting a single output voltage.

A unique capability of the products is synchronous on/off switching and programmable on/off sequencing. Many circuits can be damaged if one voltage rail is present without the other, or if voltage rails are not applied in the correct order. In addition to the individual output on/off buttons there are further controls for Multi-On and Multi-Off . By default these turn all of the outputs on or off simultaneously. They can also be set to operate any combination of outputs in a user defined sequence with delays between 10 milliseconds and 20 seconds. An illuminated front panel key locks out the keypad to guard against accidental setting. For even greater security, as might be required when the PSU is incorporated into a fixed system, the keypad can optionally be locked using a pass code chosen by the user.

There are two quad channel variants: the MX100Q is the standard bench model, and the MX100QP the programmable version with LAN/LXI, USB and RS232 fitted. A GPIB interface is available for the MX100QP as a customer or factory fit option. The quad output MX series units are three quarter rack width by 3U with front-to-rear venting.  A 4U rack kit is available which provides ½U of ventilation above and below with a ¼ width blanking panel to one side.