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News: Aim-TTi Test Bridge Software

Test Bridge Software

Aim-TTi have released a free application to enable the quick implementation of logging and control of Aim-TTi Power Supplies and Loads.

Compatible with Aim-TTi PL, QL, MX, CPX, TSX and QPX series power supplies and LD series loads, up to four instruments can be connected at a time using USB, LAN/LXI or RS232. Settings and limits can be viewed and amended in the settings menu. Live and set data can be displayed for all channels on a multiple channel instrument, each one colour coded for ease of identification.

Logging channels can be set to record live data values from any output of an active instrument at user specified time intervals. The results are plotted on one of the two available graphs and can also be viewed in a table or exported as a .CSV file. The graph provides zooming and panning functions allowing efficient data analysis.

Multiple sequences can be allocated to a specified channel on an instrument. Two different parameters can be controlled by each sequence, along with two trigger events (user configured actions which take place upon a condition occurring) . A range of built in step shape options are available including: sine, triangle, ramp and step.

Visit the Test Bridge product page to find out more.