Advanced Test and Measurement
Instruments and Power Supplies


  • New Aim-TTi PSA Series 5 RF Spectrum Analyzer
  • The new LD400 electronic load
  • New: Aim-TTi MX Series programmable DC power supply
  • New Function Generators

Aim-TTi designs and manufactures advanced electronic test and measurement equipment and laboratory power supplies. Our products are available to purchase throughout the world.

AIM TTi Power Supplies and Loads

DC Power Supplies

Laboratory power supplies for bench-top or remote control and system use.
AIM TTi DC Electronic Loads

Electronic Loads

Flexible electronic DC loads for general purpose applications.

AIM TTi multimeters


Bench-top digital multimeters for professional applications. High accuracy and resolution.
AIM TTi frequency counters

Frequency Counters

Handheld and bench-top frequency counters up to 6GHz.
AIM TTi xxxx

LCR Measurement

Precision component measurements
AIM TTi current probes

Current Probes

Innovative DC to 5MHz current probes for PCB tracks, component legs etc.

AIM TTi Product Accessories

Product Accessories

Rack Mounts, Cases, Cables and Connectors, Antenna, Firmware etc.

AIM TTi function generators

Function Generators

Analog and Digital (DDS) function generators with frequency capability up to 50MHz.
AIM TTi pulse generators

Pulse Generators

Dedicated pulse generators and function generators with true pulse capability.
AIM TTi xxxx

Arbitrary Generators

True variable-clock arbitrary waveform generators with up to four channels.
AIM TTi waveform amplifiers

Waveform Amplifiers

Used to increase RF generator output level up to 30V pk-pk.

AIM TTi spectrum analyzers

Spectrum Analyzers

RF spectrum analyzers in a true handheld format.
AIM TTi RF Signal Generators

RF Signal Generators

RF signal generators with frequency capability up to 6.0GHz.
AIM TTi EMC Analyzers

EMC Analyzers

For EMC measurements to EN61000-3-2 and EN61000-3-3.