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The QPX750SP DC Power Supply

QPX750SP DC power supply
The QPX750SP is a single output dc power supply that uses PowerFlex+ technology to provide an extended range of voltage or current within a 750W power envelope. It is suited to both bench-top and system applications with easy control either from the front panel touchscreen controls or automation interfaces. It is fitted with both front and rear terminals can be rack-mounted in an optional 4U rack mount kit. USB and LXI compliant LAN interfaces are standard and a GPIB interface is available as an option.

High precision

With setting controlled by an instrumentation quality 16 bit DAC, the QPX750SP offers high accuracy and stability. Local control is done using the colour touchscreen and either the numeric keypad or the spin-wheel, and setting resolution is 1mV up to 50V and 2mV up to 80 volts. A SELV mode can be used to restrict voltages above 50V using a password.

Balanced multi-phase converter system

A balanced multi-phase converter system minimizes ripple and improves dynamic performance. This provides unusually low noise for the power level, coupled with good transient response

Bench or rack mounting

The QPX750SP is equally suited to bench or rack-mount applications. The case has integral tilt feet for bench use and output and sense terminals are provided on both the front and rear panels. The chassis is 3U half width. A 4U rack mount kit with ½U ventilation above and below is available as an option (RM460). This can hold one or two QPX750SP units - a ½ width blanking panel is supplied.

Automation Interfaces

The QPX750SP comes as standard with a USB and LXI class C compliant LAN interface. A GPIB interface is available as an option
QPX750SP rear panel
QPX750SP rear panel shown with GPIB option fitted

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PowerFlex+ Regulation

QPX750SP PowerFlex curve
Up to 80 volts and up to 50 amps maximum within a 750W power envelope

The TTi PowerFlex+ design of the QPX750SP enables higher currents to be generated at lower voltages within an overall power limit envelope. The output can provide more than five times the current of a conventional PSU of the same maximum voltage and power (see power curve above). Example voltage/current combinations include 80V/9.4A, 60V/12A, 36V/20A, 18V/36A, and 12V/50A.

The PowerFlex+ regulator uses a balanced multi-phase converter system to minimize ripple and improve dynamic performance.