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Source Measure Units

SMU (Source Measure Units)
The Source Measure Unit (SMU) integrates a fast and agile, high power, four quadrant voltage / current source and advanced precise voltage / current meters. Precisely supplying positive and negative voltages, sourcing or sinking power, while simultaneously measuring both current and voltage makes it ideal for rapid I-V characterization
The PowerFlex autoranging system provides semi constant power characteristics so that the current capability rises as the voltage falls, unlike conventional SMUs where the maximum power can only be achieved at the top of each voltage range.
The SMU provides an all-in-one solution for simplifying test applications such as I-V characterizing, semiconductor testing, battery charging/discharging and much more.

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Aim-TTi SMU4201 (SMU4000 Series Source Measure Unit) - front
Source Measure Unit with 20 and 200V versions