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TGF3XX2 Series Firmware Update V1.01

IMPORTANT: This update affects the instrument calibration. Please read carefully before carrying out the firmware update.

Version 1.01 adds two more calibration steps to calibrate the DAC offset in both channels.  These two steps were added to improve the accuracy of the DC offset.  This version has no other changes.

Following the update, the instrument will need to be recalibrated. If recalibration is not performed after updating the firmware, the instrument would perform as before using the current calibration values, however, there will be a message that will pop up every time the instrument is powered on to inform the user that the instrument is not calibrated.

It is recommended that the instrument be recalibrated after updating the firmware to version 1.01 or later. The DC offset calibration steps can be performed from the front panel of the instrument with a DC voltmeter without disturbing the existing calibration points.  Instructions are provided in the operation manual.  Alternatively it can be sent off to a calibration facility if traceability is required.   If you do not need improved DC offset accuracy or cannot re-calibrate the instrument, it is recommended that you do not apply this update until calibration is required.

The download is a zip archive containing the firmware files and instructions for updating the instrument.

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Resource Type: Firmware File
See newer version: TGF3XX2 Series Firmware Update V1.02

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