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This resource is not the newest version and may contain issues fixed in later versions. Unless you have a particular reason for wanting this file, you should get the newest version which is linked from the product page or the support page. The resource that replaced this one is linked to below.

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PSA Series 5 firmware update V3.04

This zip archive includes the firmware files, a readme giving instructions for performing the update and PDF files listing the revisions and explanations.

  • V3.04 fixes a problem with the LCD touch calibration being recalled incorrectly when the unit is reset
  • V3.03 fixes a problem with calibrating the touch accuracy on the LCD.
  • V3.02 fixes a problem with video trigger mode not working in demodulation / zero span mode when demodulated waveform is displayed in log scale and extends the time-base for waveform demodulation from 20ms/div to 500ms/div.
  • V3.01 fixes a problem with the logging function when Trace-mode is set to Normal/Peak-hold/Average
Language(s): English
Resource Type: Firmware File
See newer version: PSA Series 5 firmware update V4.01

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