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Spectrum Analyzers

  • New Aim-TTi PSA Series 3 RF Spectrum analyzers
Hand-held RF spectrum analyzers

Highly capable handheld RF spectrum analyzers with bandwidths up to 6.0GHz. 

The PSA Series 3 and PSA Series 5 differ in architecture and offer a different balance of features, bandwidth and price. Both feature colour touchscreen and rechargeable battery operation.  The PSA Series 3 replaces the PSA Series 2.


Select by Product Series

Aim-TTi PSA6005 (PSA Series 5) Spectrum analyzer - in hand
Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer with 10MHz to 3.6 or 6.0GHz bandwidth options
Aim-TTi PSA2703 (PSA Series 3) Spectrum Analyzer
Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer with 1MHz to 1.3 or 2.7GHz bandwidth options